Traffic & Transport

Chislehurst lies on the main road from Bromley to the A20 and the Dartford Crossing, and the road from Orpington to Eltham. As a commuter route it suffers from ever increasing volumes of traffic. 11 schools in the area means additional traffic during the school run and 6 bus routes, means over 50 buses go through the main War Memorial junction every hour. There are challenging road widths across the commons which cannot be changed because of covenants included in the Act which preserved the commons for our benefit.  Congestion in the High Street is caused by the traffic lights at Willow Grove, service vehicles for the village shops and parking.

Our aim is to balance the protection of what remains of Chislehurst’s rural character with the need to keep traffic moving.

Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement is one area where the local borough still has a substantial influence. It is also a source of revenue for the council from parking fees in council-controlled car parks, on-street parking meters, and from enforcement fines.  

Parking limitations, such as areas marked by yellow lines, or the extent of wider `permit parking’ schemes, are determined by the council.

Traffic reporting

Speeding traffic is a real concern across Chislehurst. The Police Community Roadwatch Scheme has been set up to help enforce speed limits within the Metropolitan Police area and most of the London Boroughs are now using it. The idea is that the London Boroughs work with the Met Police to organise a group of residents/volunteers to monitor vehicles on an agreed day. Should you be interested in helping please contact:

PCSO Michael Harden – or Katie Bailey –

Fix my street

Report any problems with your road or roads such as potholes etc by going to:

Ward Councillors: Chislehurst