Protect our green environment

We have a strong voice in protecting and improving local amenities and conserving the Green Belt and National Trust land. We work with other organisations to preserve our built and open surroundings to ensure that we all benefit from our unique environment.


Other local organisations with whom we connect

Ducks by the ponds - Photo by Don Drage
Ducks by the ponds – Photo by Don Drage

Chislehurst Commons

The Trustees of the Commons are responsible for the protection of the Commons, and we work with them, and support them financially from time to time. One of our Executive Committee members is a Trustee.


Scadbury Park Nature Reserve

The Friends of Scadbury work to enable residents and visitors to enjoy this wild and natural haven. Scadbury Park Nature Reserve lies on the eastern edge of Chislehurst, overlooking the valley of the River Cray. With over 300 acres of beautiful countryside to explore, it forms part of a wildlife corridor linking to open countryside from Jubilee Country Park through Petts Wood and Scadbury, along the London Loop Scadbury Park


Friends of Chislehurst Recreation Ground

FOCRG is a volunteer group, set up in March 2010, to preserve and enhance the environment of Chislehurst & Walden Recreation Grounds for the benefit of the local community, in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley.


National Trust

Chislehurst has National Trust land of Petts Wood and the Hawkwood Estate within its boundaries. We work closely with them to conserve our green environment and habitats. The Trust’s ethos is to protect and preserve historic places and spaces for everyone.


Footpaths & Walks

There are many interesting walks around Chislehurst, in addition to the paths over the Commons, Petts Wood, St Paul’s Cray and Hawkswood, there is also the circular footpath around Scadbury, much used by joggers and dog walkers.

We need to ensure that our local footpaths are used by everyone and kept open for future use. Click here to find to see the various public footpaths within our borough.

As to guided walks, Roy Hopper has prepared one which passes much of the most interesting architecture in the village. You can read his kindly produced guide here.