Chislehurst Town Team


The Chislehurst Town Team is a volunteer group doing all we can for the good of our town centre. We came together to try and make our town even better than we know it is already. We love Chislehurst. We know that most of the people who live here do too and that visitors often fall in love with it from the moment they arrive. It’s a great place to live, work and play.

But nowhere is perfect so we are always thinking of new ideas that will make a positive difference and address some of the issues and challenges our town faces.

Some are quite simple to pull off, some take more planning and organisation and some things we choose not to take on, because we are all volunteers, we can only do what we can do.  If you think there’s something new the Town Team could do, or maybe you would like to take responsibility for driving forward a new initiative, please contact the chair.

Supporting the vitality of our Town Centre

The Chislehurst Town Team (CTT) was set up in April 2012, in response to concerns about the future of the High Street in the wake of the Portas Review published in 2011.  Chaired since inception by Alison Stammers, a local resident, it is made up of volunteers – traders, businesses, landlords, local charities, faith groups, and residents and supported by our Ward Councillors and local Council. We care deeply about Chislehurst’s future and want to ensure our wonderful town stays special and meets the challenges it faces in a proactive and innovative way.

We are constantly monitoring what is happening on and around our High Street and Parades, looking at good practice elsewhere and taking the initiative or reacting as appropriately.  We also work in response to feedback and ideas from and surveys of residents, the Chislehurst Business Group and other local businesses and traders.  Our mission is to create a thriving local economy, increase visitor enjoyment and make a greener, cleaner environment and a safe place for all of us – a community where all voices are heard and are valued.

We created the VisitChislehurst brand and regularly post matters of interest, links to surveys and news on the VisitChislehurst Facebook page.  We also post to @ChisTownTeam on Twitter.

If you think there’s something new the Town Team could do, or maybe you would like to get involved in driving forward a new initiative, please contact the chair.

Chislehurst Society Reward Scheme

The Chislehurst Society has teamed up with a number of Chislehurst businesses to provide a Reward scheme that is exclusive to its members. All you need to do is to show your Society Membership Card at the time of purchase. Reward details coming soon!

Our Aims

  • Enhance the streetscape, provide for a visitor-friendly ‘café culture’ and ensure it remains attractive and vibrant
  • Address the issue of persistently empty properties
  • Try to fill empty units with quality businesses that meet the aspirations and needs of the community
  • Develop initiatives to promote footfall & address the aspects that deter shoppers, visitors, landlords and businesses
  • Maintain and enhance the village feel of the High Street, its identity, branding and experience
  • With the Chislehurst Society Traffic portfolio holder, seek to improve traffic flows around the High Street, including the Willow Grove junction
  • Improve and rationalise the parking facilities around the High Street

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact the Chislehurst Town Team with any questions about their work, issues or suggestions for improvement. The Chair, Alison Stammers can be contacted here.

Alison can also be contacted via email at or

Report any problems with your road or roads such as potholes etc by going to:

For bigger local issues, you may want to contact our ward councillors.

Their contact details can be found here.