The Chislehurst Society is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registration number 1166276. The key objective is to make a difference in Chislehurst by raising awareness, preserving and protecting Chislehurst’s environment, geography, history, natural history and architecture. We promote high standards of planning and building.

Grants awarded

The Society will consider making grants to organisations, groups or individuals based in and around Chislehurst by supporting their activities where these align with the Society’s objectives.

Grants application

For a grant to be considered, an application form must be submitted to The Chislehurst Society.


The criteria against which applications are considered for grant funding or grant assistance are evaluated by our Grants Sub–Committee using several criteria. It will be a rare application that meets all eight of the criteria, but it would be helpful if your application met the first four and at least one of the latter four.

  1. The purpose fits with The Society’s objectives. Applications falling outside those objectives will fail.
  2. There is a defined project with a clear budget.
    Only in exceptional circumstances will the Society fund “open-ended” projects.
    If the application is for phased works, how will future phases be funded?
  3. The applicant is contributing, and/or other sources have been explored.
    What other funding sources have been explored?
    How much of the project is the applicant self-funding?
  4. The applicant can demonstrate value for money.
    We expect applicants to demonstrate alternative quotes by more than one provider.
  5. There is an educational benefit.
    The proposed project will improve understanding about Chislehurst
  6. There is an environmental benefit.
    The proposed project will assist in conserving the environment
  7. There is a public benefit.
    Residents or visitors to Chislehurst will benefit from improved amenity or in other ways.
  8. Historic significance.
    The proposal increases knowledge about our past or preserves assets of historical significance.

Note to Applicants: While the Chislehurst Society is happy to fund deserving projects that qualify for grant-aiding, we will require formal confirmation that the grant has been properly applied for the agreed purpose, and where possible a suitable photograph.

Application form

If you wish to apply for a grant please complete the application form.

Grant application form WORD (1)

For your guidance, here is a completed example. Please see notes below. 

Example grant application WORD

You can post, or deliver by hand, your completed application to:
The Chairman, Grants Committee
The Chislehurst Society
The Old Chapel
3 Queens Passage
Or email your application to

Previous grants

Petts Wood footpath repairs
Petts Wood footpath repairs

St. Nicholas Hatchments restoration
St. Nicholas Hatchments restoration

Forest School
An outdoor learning environment and teacher training was funded by our grant