2020 AGM

2019 Annual Report


2020 AGM Agenda

1.       Welcome by Chair.

2.       Minutes from 2018 AGM held 23rd April 2019

3.       Presentation of Trustees Annual Report to Members 2019 (previously circulated)

4.       Re-election of Independent Examiner (Derek Dobson)

5.       Election of Officers and Trustees:

(a) Three Trustees retire by rotation Peter Miller, Joanna Friel and David Ely.

  • All three offer themselves for re-election.

(b) It is proposed to elect Gabriella Toth as a Trustee.

(c) Existing Officers of the Society offer themselves for re-election.

  • Chair Joanna Friel
  • Vice Chair Jennifer Dearing
  • Secretary David Ely

§         Treasurer Colin Martin

6. Members Questions or Comments.