Old Chapel – Terms and Conditions of Hire Agreement


1. Payment for one-off hire must be made 4 weeks in advance of the engagement, or 5 days after agreeing the hire, whichever is the later.
2. Regular bookings will be invoiced monthly in advance.
3. Payment of invoices must be made within 30 days of the date of the invoice or an administration fee will be applied.
4. In the event of a cancellation less than 7 days before the engagement the hirer will be liable for an administration fee of £30.


5. All bookings shall be made via The Chislehurst Society office on the Agreed Booking Form. The person named on the Booking Form shall be considered the hirer and where an organisation is named, the person signing confirms that they do so with the full authority of the named organisation.
6. The hirer must be over 18 years of age.
7. Any deposit required must be made at the time of booking and no engagement will be booked until this has been received. We will do our utmost to return any deposit within 10 working days of the event subject to the satisfactory inspection of the building.
8. In the event that any key provided to the hirer is lost, then a £30 replacement and administration fee will become payable. If we retain a deposit then this fee will be deducted from the deposit, otherwise you will be issued with an invoice for this amount, which will be due and payable within 7 business days.
9. When booking, users must allow time for setting up, clearing away and leaving the Hall clean and in the condition it was found.
10.The Chislehurst Society reserves the right to refuse any application for the hire of the Hall without stating a reason. No organisation shall be deemed to have an undisputed right to an unbreakable series of bookings.
11.Every hirer will be supplied with a front door key, which must be collected from the office, or as otherwise agreed with the Chislehurst Society and returned after the end of the engagement.
12.The hire of the Hall is for the specific agreed times shown on the Booking Form and does not entitle the hirer to use or enter the Hall at any other time.
13.The Chislehurst Society reserves the right to put a stop to any entertainment or meeting not properly or reasonably conducted or which contravenes any of these terms and conditions.
14.If the Hall is unavailable at the time of hire due to failure of a previous hirer to leave it in a clean condition, or because of failure of heating or lighting and the hirer decides not to go ahead with the booking, hire charges and deposit will be returned but The Chislehurst Society accepts no further liability.
15.No items may be stored in the hall by users except by written consent.
16.The Chislehurst Society does not accept liability for any loss or damage to the hirer’s or any other third party’s property or vehicles whilst on the premises arising out of the hiring, nor for any loss, damage, or injury which may be incurred by, or be done to or happen to, any person or persons using the building during the hiring, arising from any cause whatsoever or for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure or supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of God which may cause the building to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled. The hirer shall indemnify the Chislehurst Society against any claim which may arise out of the hiring or which may be made by any person using the building during the hiring in respect of any loss damage or injury.
17.The hirer is responsible for all damage to the Hall, equipment, furniture and property in the Hall and grounds occurring during the period of hire or while persons are entering or leaving the Hall pursuant to the hire. The hirer will be responsible for the full cost of remedying any such damage.
If any damage to the property is caused during the hiring of the Hall, please report it immediately to The Chislehurst Society.


18.The Society insurance covers its own liabilities only and not of those of the hirer or any other third party. The hirer should make suitable insurance provision in respect of claims which might be made by persons for injury or damage arising from the hire.
19.The hirer will, during the period of the hire, be responsible for the supervision of the Hall, the fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage however slight or change of any sort and the behaviour of all persons using the Hall whatever their capacity.
20.The number of persons admitted to the Hall shall not exceed the number that can with ample safety be accommodated therein, full regard being had on every occasion to the particular kind of entertainment that will be provided.
21.The hirer shall not sublet or use the Hall for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring on to the premises anything which may endanger the same or any insurance policies in respect thereof nor allow sale of alcoholic liquor thereon.
22.All emergency exits must be kept accessible at all times.
23.It is essential that everyone using the Hall is vigilant. Please do not allow access to anyone unless they are part of your organisation and do not let unaccompanied children open the door to let people in.


24.No premises Licence pursuant to the Licensing Act is in force in relation to the Hall. The hirer shall be responsible for obtaining any licenses that may be required whether for Performing Rights, Music, Dancing or other entertainment or otherwise and for the observance of the same and of all other regulations appertaining to the Hall. For the avoidance of doubt, the sale of alcohol by license or otherwise is prohibited.
25.No temporary electrical installations shall be used without written approval.
26.All functions must finish and any music switched off by 11 p.m. Consideration is requested for our neighbours when playing music and when entering and departing the Hall.
27.The hirer and their guests are not permitted to smoke within the premises. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes both the Hall and car parking area.
28.The hirer and their guests are not permitted to engage in gambling or entertainment of a sexual nature within the Hall.
29.No activity by persons under 18 years of age shall take place in the Hall without a sufficient number of responsible adults being present at all times.
30.The Chislehurst Society has a policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults and requires the cooperation of all hirers of the Hall in taking measures for the appropriate protection of any child or vulnerable adult involved in activities in the Hall. The Chislehurst Society may require hirers to provide details of the measures they have in place to protect them.

  1. Our safeguarding policy can be found on our website.


32.Clearing and cleaning of the hall after use is the responsibility of the hirer. All equipment used must be returned to their original locations. The floor must be swept and cleared of all debris and any spillages must be cleaned. All rubbish must be removed from the site by the hirer.
33.On leaving, the hirer must make sure that all lighting is turned off and all doors and windows, including fire exit doors, are locked and secure. All taps and appliances should be turned off in the kitchen and toilets.
34.It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that no person remains in the building when locking the Hall.


January 2016.


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The Chislehurst Society, The Old Chapel, 3 Queens Passage, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 5AP.

Telephone 020 8467 0900

Website: www.chislehurst-society.org.uk

Email: hallhire@chislehurst-society.org.uk


You can download a copy of the Hall Hire Terms and Conditions by clicking here.