Manor Park Cottage

Q. I have discovered through a digital copy of my grandmother’s birth certificate that she, Alice Diaper, was born in Manor Cottage or Cottages, not Manor Park Cottage, in 1870. Do you know where this would have been?

A. I don’t know of Manor Park Cottage but my first reaction was to check the 1871 and 1881 census details. 1881 clearly shows your grandmother at Manor Park Cottage as you said. The sequence of houses indicates it is in Manor Park next to Churchill Lodge and Bishop’s Well. It’s just that I understood Bishop’s Well was on Watts Lane so that’s thrown me off course. 8 children are listed in 1881. 1871 is much less helpful as the cottages are not named, nor are their neighbours, though it seems to indicate ‘Road to Cray Road’ so again its either Manor Park or Watts Lane.
There are other family trees on Ancestry and one (yours?) puts Alice’s birth as Crown Lane – that makes more sense if its near Bishop’s Well.