Q. Good afternoon from Australia.
I have been researching the background of Richard de Quincey of Inglewood, Chislehurst Road, Bickley, a wealthy foreign produce merchant from quite a famous family. I came across your history of Inglewood, Kemnal Road on your site. In particular, on page 3, you note that Percy Lord and his wife Florence were in residence there from 1903 to 1935 and you have the names of the six servants in the 1891 and the five in the 1911 Censuses.
I have a number of references to Richard de Quincey being of Inglewood – at 33 Chislehurst Road – in 1901 with their three children and 5 servants. Then again in 1911 with three children and there were six servants and l4 rooms. There was also a lodge. The Probate records also show that he died there in 1924.
Can you confirm that there were 2 grand houses called Inglewood in Chislehurst at that time and what might be the significance of that? I look forward to hearing if there is anywhere I could look up the de Quincey Inglewood house if this is the case. Richard’s brother Edmund lived at Oakwood (top of Yester Road) nearby, another historical home and I have seen mention of that in the Inglewood History walking tour pamphlet. Another brother, Bertram lived at Avonhurst, Camden Park Road in the 1911 Census. Is there any historical on line material that would provide background on the three houses, Inglewood on Chislehurst Road; Oakwood and Avonhurst?

A. This enquiry really set our History Group to work and we are thrilled with the ongoing revelations about the de Quincey family, their WWI story and the emerging history of Inglewood. We have confirmed to the enquirer that there were two houses by that name, one in Kemnal Road, now demolished, and the existing Inglewood (shown above) on the Bullers Wood school site. Our research has now been published (you can download it here...) and most gratifyingly will support the school in its new landscape education project.