Q. I was wondering if anyone knew or how I would go about finding out what the stone represents that is about 50 meters along the pathway at the bottom of Heatherbank before it veers sharp left.
 The stone is about 1 metre off the pathway hidden slightly by the overgrowth and 1 foot tall.  I see an “E” & think I see a “J” but cannot read the other letters.  
 It seems an unlikely place for a waymark or memorial & none of my neighbours seem to know what it represents.  I’ve read most of the local books & publications and have not come across a reference to it so assume it is either of little relevance or perhaps just not understood.  

A.  We have had enormous if frustrating fun with this ongoing enquiry.  ODAS, Sam Pettman of the National Trust, residents and Local Studies have all been involved.  The enquirer had never been to Local studies before and was enthralled at the amount of information and the details on all the maps. 

Further rooting around has confirmed the letters on the stone with a date of 1907 but we are still at conjecture – theories and facts all welcome.