Gosling family of Greatwood College

Q. I now live in Surrey. am trying to fill in gaps from my past. In 1955 I was sent as a young four year old Nigerian girl to a couple called the Goslings (the wife’s Christian name was Edna, I think.) who ran a foreign Language College at Greatwood College. I am sure it was called that and I think it was on Yester road. In the 70s when my husband and I tried to find it and wandered aimlessly around, a passerby told me that the area had been redeveloped in the 60s. The Goslings were my guardians for a few years before I was sent to board at Farringtons Junior School. They disappeared mysteriously off to Australia. As far as I knew, they had no children, just students from all over the world who were much older than I was. Unfortunately I have no details as relations with my parents have been estranged for many years. All correspondence I used to have that might have helped is no longer in my possession. If you can fill in any tiny detail, I would be grateful.
Regards Yeside Linney

A. This enquiry has produced some intriguing information about Greatwood, the house, the College, and the Gosling family who co-owned the house and ran the College, all of which was communicated to Yeside. Click here to download notes and photographs.