Degema Road

I was very interested to read the memories of Daisy Foreman and her brother David Lockton (Cockpit no. 94, Winter 2010), because we bought their former home 21 Degema Road, our first house, from Harry Miller in 1974.

Harry Miller was a builder and developer who built Degema Road. He had made money when he worked in Degema a river station and port in Nigeria, hence the name Degema Road. Harry lived in Degema Road and was very choosy about who he sold or rented his houses. His preference was policemen (hence the nickname Coppers Alley), ex soldiers with the minimum rank of warrant officer and civil servants.

Although Mr Lockton had died many years before we bought the house, we continued to receive mail for Mr Lockton from various organisations, and I’m sure that many were addressed to Mr Lockton DCM.

Graham Bessant