Coopers House from the east in the early 1900s

Q. I know that Richard Stone once had property in Chislehurst, I know not where or what type of house it was. The name of it was Claremont. I would have thought that it would have been considerable as the Stones were Bankers in Lombard Street, London and were something to do with The Silver Vaults in London and the hallmarking of silver.
Julia Stone married Admiral Richard Crozier and I know where all the portraits and painting that Hung at Claremont in Chislehurst are currently.
I know that one of the estates was Hawkwood Lane/ Botany Bay Lane formerly Thongs Lane on the west and bounded by Chislehurst Common and St. Paul Cray Common on the North and East. That was in 1784.
Would you have any idea if Claremont still stands and if it does not would you know where it stood. Also I see that there is a Claremont Road in Bickley I wonder if that is connected in some way.
If you can help I would be most grateful,
Yours truly, 
Martin Crozier

According to Webb’s ‘The History of Chislehurst‘ (occasionally available to purchase on ebay or abebooks), Richard Stone purchased land and property in Chislehurst in 1784.  The house was known (and still is) as Coopers, and is situated on the east side of Hawkwood Lane. The estate consisted of fields and woodlands mainly to the east of the house, and by the time of Stone’s death in 1802, it covered some 100 acres.  Webb includes as a footnote on page 211 the lineage of the Stone family.  Stone is buried in St Nicholas churchyard, with various other members of the family. George Stone lived here after his father’s death, and in due course, after George’s death (1844) it was sold to the Bowden family, who donated part of the land to arrange for the building of St Mary’s Roman Catholic church opposite the house.  This is where Napoleon III was buried after his death in exile at Chislehurst in 1873. The main house is now part of Coopers School, and has recently had a major overhaul and refurbishment. I can find no mention of a house called Claremont in Chislehurst.