Capt. John Hope

Q. I wonder whether anyone can assist in confirming or otherwise, the inscription on the Hope Family tomb in St Nicholas churchyard, that appends R.N. to Capt. John Hope, who died June the 15 1764 aged 63 years and also to his son Capt. John Hope who died Jan 25 1791 aged 63 years.  See Webb’s History of Chislehurst “Index to Inscriptions in Chislehurst Churchyard” Page 430.The enquirer, one Richard Venn, who studies naval history, (Georgian) came to me, as, if you like, ‘keeper of the church burial records’, not as a road steward.  He is unable to trace either Capt. John Hope as Royal Navy Captains, in the ‘standard reference manuals’: –

Charnock’s Biographia Navalis, 6 vols 1794 – 1798;’Clowes 7 volumes’; the Navy List for 1779.

The second and third have Charles Hope but no John.I have referred Richard to the diocesan records in Bromley, not only to the registers but to the parish ‘magazines’.I wondered whether anyone could provide a short-cut for us?  Were the Hopes Captains of merchantmen or perhaps Royal Marines.

A. Thank you for the enquiry. No look so far, but still looking….