Camden Hill

Q.My great grandfather Henry Clutton built this house and lived there for many years in the 1800’s. I wonder if you have a picture of the house and any information about him and his family. He was married to Caroline Alice Clutton nee Dudley Ryder. One of his daughters Margaret Clutton wrote a diary of her childhood at Camden Hill and I believe you have a copy of this in the archives. Do you think you could send me a copy of this?
A. We had a very poor aerial shot of Camden Hill and were able to take an image of the house as it is today, Great Ash. The diary is ‘Memories of a Childhood’ and we were able to take a photocopy from local studies as it is now out of copyright. Joanna Friel, who is writing the history of Lubbock Road, was able to provide this enquirer with information on the family.