Bullers Wood and the stained glass window

Q. We had a phone enquiry from Steve Smith, asking if a stained glass window at Bullers Wood, formerly St Nicholas College of Church Music, depicting the image of a boy scout by Ernest Carlos, was still in existence.

A. With help from Bromley Local Studies we discovered a book ‘Sydney Nicholson and The College of St Nicholas: The Chislehurst Years’, by John Henderson the Hon Librarian of the Royal School of Church Music, which occupied Bullers Wood (pictured right) for many years.   This included a picture of the said stained glass (reproduced below) which was dedicated on 3rd June 1929, designed and presented by Archibald Nicholson along with a picture of the location of the window.  The College closed in 1939 and moved to Canterbury and then to Addington Palace in 1954 until 1996.  

Bullers Wood School confirms there is no stained glass any more on site, but Steve himself contacted the College and sent us the following note:

“Many thanks for your help regarding the stained glass window. I have been able to establish that the window was taken to Addington Palace (under the Royal School of Church Music’s auspice). From here it went to their new home in Dorking. It is now in the archives at the RSCM’s Salisbury offices at The Close, Salisbury.”