Q. My grandmother, best friend of Ethel Laidlaw, lived with the Laidlaws for three years 1904-1907 in Chislehurst. I live in the United States but would love to see the estate she lived in at that time if it still exists. I know it was a grand mansion, maybe not as grand as Winter House. But I’m wondering if you can tell me something about the Laidlaw’s home there like name and address. My grandmother and Ethel went to Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, in the US during the school year but perhaps her visits with the Laidlaws were summertime; however I believe she was there for a few years straight. She was on the stage with Lord Laidlaw & his family with Winston Churchill once when Lord Laidlaw was running for office. Any information you can give me about the home?
A. This is the enquiry that led to the article on Sir Robert Laidlaw and Bonchester under Chislehurst Lives.