Joseph S Moye

Kemnal WarrenJoseph Moye designed a number of important houses in Chislehurst, a number of them still standing, very visible. He appears to have designed in different styles, presumably to meet the requirements of his clients, and it is interesting to compare his works. We know very little about him, other than that he designed one of the large buildings on Oxford Street (now demolished), that he had offices in Southwick Street, London, that he was a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and that he lived in one of his houses, Fairview, in Southill Road. We continue to search for more information.

Drawings for houses in Chislehurst and further afield include:

  • Cranmore Place (now demolished)
  • Fairlight, Ashfield Lane
  • Fairview, Southill Road
  • Hillside, Lubbock Road/Old Hill
  • Kemnal Warren, Kemnal Road (demolished in 1935) – see photograph on right
  • Mansion (unknown, and possibly never built)
  • Shops and houses on corner of Lower Camden/Old Hill
  • Sunnymead, Bromley Lane
  • Villas, Willow Grove
  • Woodheath, Kemnal Road (this may have been a design only – there is no evidence it was ever built in this style)
  • Brightling Hall, East Sussex (Architect’s Image below)
    Thanks to NJ Whitey for supplying the below image and informing us about this additional property


Brightling Hall, Sussex. 18 March 1876.