Inglewood, St Nicholas Lane

Inglewood, a substantial red brick house, now part of Bullers Wood School, typical of the arts and crafts development in Chislehurst, was built around 1868.  (It should not be confused with a house of the same name built around the same time in Kemnal Road)

It was first occupied by the Hon. Thomas Archibald QC.  Inglewood was the site of the inaugural meeting of the trustees of what was to become Christchurch in Lubbock Road. The wealthy de Quincey family made it their home from 1898 until 1925.

This house and garden has a fascinating history and the landscape is about to be restored to its former glory by the students of Bullers Wood.

Two members of our History Group have researched this house and its residents and produced a fascinating account of its history. You can read their account here…

We have received an email from someone who lived at Inglewood as a child:

My name is Colin Morrison-Low. My late Mother was born Dorothy Ruth de Quincey Quincey and brought up at Inglewood. I much enjoyed reading the history of the property.
There is one small error in the story of her family which refers to the section on the pond. There it is assumed that my Mother was the cat! She would have loved this, but it is not true. She was nick-named Kitty and was called Kitty all her life. She became Kitty Morrison-Low when she married my father, Sir Walter Morrison-Low Bt, in 1924.
The reference to Woody is a bit of a mystery as Thomas, the eldest son killed in the Great War, was known to me as Uncle Bim. But he was tall for his generation and could well have been known to the others as Woody.
I now live in America and am also 86 years old, and therefore among the last survivors to have known Kitty.
Sincerely, Colin Morrison-Low

Thank you for letting us know, Colin, and for your observation that your mother would not have minded being confused for a cat! We have now amended the account. Miaow Mama!

Inglewood when it was still a family home