Chislehurst Residents of Renown

This new Heritage Lottery funded exhibition has been on display at the Methodist Church, but is now moving on to Local Studies, 2nd Floor, Bromley Library on Monday 22nd Sept until 20th October. Chislehurst Library will host the exhibition in November and in the New Year it will be on display at Bromley Museum in Orpington. All free of charge!

The exhibition panels display images and information about the famous residents of the Camden Park Estate who left their legacy on Chislehurst and the nation beyond:

  • Napoleon III, Exiled Emperor of France, who gave us our Imperial heritage (and phone numbers!)
  • Sir John Lubbock, the MP who gave us Bank Holidays
  • Sir Malcolm Campbell, who first broke land and water speed records
  • Sir George Hayter Chubb, who played his part in the founding of this Church and Farringtons School
  • William Willett, who wanted to change the clocks.

Do come and see the 6 illustrated panels that make up the exhibition and take a free booklet which contains more in depth Chislehurst related information about each character (PDF attached here…(1.9mb)).

Some of the exhibition panels went to Camden Place and Farringtons for Heritage Open Weekend on 13th/14th September.

Since November the exhibition has been on show at Chislehurst Library.

In 2015 the panels will be exhibited in Bromley Museum, Orpington then they move to Local Studies at Bromley Library before going on tour of the larger Libraries around the Borough. We are leaving our mark as much as these characters did!

Chislehurst’s heritage is proudly displayed for all to see!

By the way, we think there is a tenuous link between all these residents which is ‘time’ – see if you can work out how we reached that conclusion! We’d love to have your comments and feedback. Email us on: