Four Seasons Door

The History Group is delighted to report a new discovery! Or rather, an old discovery.

If you own a copy of Edwardian Chislehurst by Arthur Battle (see the publications page of our website), turn to page 165 for the full story:

‘Mr Ledner, a well known painter and decorator and an accomplished artist, painted the four seasons on the panels of a door in one of the Chislehurst Houses’.

We believe we have found this very door, or more probably it’s prototype! When new society member, Peter Griffiths, was out for his usual stroll around the village he spotted this highly decorative door outside 13 Green Lane. He knocked on the door of the house to learn from the owner that John Ledner had indeed lived there; the house was originally called 1 Marland Terrace. Quite by coincidence Peter had only finished reading Edwardian Chislehurst and recognised the potential historic value of this decorative door.

The History Group is delighted to have obtained the door from the owners and will be arranging to have it cleaned for display. The panel on the right is the winter scene.

If anyone has similar panels in their house we would, of course, be thrilled to know more.

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