Design a New Sign for Walden Parade

Under the Local Parades Grant scheme, Chislehurst Ward councillors have secured some funding for some improvements to Walden Parade.  They and the business owners of Walden Parade are looking for your help to create a new sign for the parade as one of those improvements.  This hub of shops and businesses is crucial to our thriving town, and this is your opportunity to have your very own design, on show permanently, to be seen by everyone living in or visiting Chislehurst. 

So please get creative whilst bearing in mind that the sign needs to be in the following format:

Your design/s will be viewed and one selected by a panel of representatives from Walden Parade, The Chislehurst Society and Ward Councillors.

Things to think about when getting creative:

  • Clear sign – the clearer the image the better it can be adapted.  Think simple, clear artwork that will give Walden Parade its own identity.
  • Think about what is in Walden Parade and why it is valuable.
  • Look at Chislehurst and see what stands out for you. 
  • Make it eye-catching 
  • It must include the name Walden Parade 

For your information the name Walden comes from a significant local resident, Viscount Walden.  He was a keen ornithologist and President of the London Zoological Society until his death in 1878. Walden Rec also takes its name from Viscount Walden. 

The rationale for choosing this design will be: 

  1. Instant identity to Walden Parade
  2. Clear and simple message
  3. Modern and clean-cut
  4. Long-standing and will not ‘date’

The chosen design will be turned into a permanent sign for Walden Parade and made of black metal like the recent Belmont Parade sign.

We welcome designs from all ages and ask that you submit these by 8 pm, 31st August 2024.

Send us as many designs as you would like.  The final design will be announced by 15th September 2024.

Please send designs to