Mary Holt’s study of the conservation area

Mary HoltMary Holt lived in Chislehurst for many years. She was secretary of the Chislehurst Residents’ Association from 1966 to 1974. After the Chislehurst Conservation Area was created she volunteered to write this study in 1974.

Mary finalised the study in 1992. She and her husband Laurie had been a familiar sight in Chislehurst as they walked the many roads and streets with their clipboards and camera, and more than once they were challenged by owners as to their activities as they stood outside a property taking notes and photographs. The owners were always gracious once they understood the purpose of the visit.

Mary’s study covers all the roads in the Conservation Area. It does not cover the whole of Chislehurst, and so it is not a study of all the roads in Chislehurst, but it does cover many of the most interesting buildings and spaces here. It divides it into manageable areas, and for each area describes the key buildings and open spaces, noting some of the history (though it is not intended as a history). It also identifies for each the conservation objectives and any practical problems being faced. With the help of Laurie Holt, we have reviewed the content, and where necessary (which is not very often), have added comments to bring it up to date. An index of street names and house names has been added.

We hope that you find it of interest. We would be most interested to hear from owners and occupiers of the buildings mentioned. Please let us have your comments which we may be able to add as footnotes if appropriate so that over time this study keeps pace with current developments.

The document is produced here as a pdf file which can be downloaded. Printed copies can be made available, but we will have to charge £6 including postage to provide them.

If you wish to supplement your reading of this study, Darrell Spurgeon’s book Discover Chislehurst and its Environs, is an excellent companion.

Chislehurst Conservation document