Footpaths in Chislehurst

WalkingThere are many interesting walks around Chislehurst.

In addition to the paths over the Commons, and those in Petts Wood, St Paul’s Cray and Hawkswood, there is the circular footpath around Scadbury, much used by joggers and dog walkers.

As to guided walks, Roy Hopper has prepared one which passes much of the most interesting architecture in the village (click here to see the walk and map), and a new circular walk is now available covering over thirty points of interest around Chislehurst- (see our publications). Mary Holt’s study can be read as a walk, as can Darryl Spurgeon’s popular book, Discover Chislehurst.

There are also, of course, a number of footpaths, registered as such with the London Borough of Bromley. We hope to reproduce a map shortly showing these, but in the meantime, the details of the footpaths, as provided by the London Borough of Bromley, are listed here:

FP 31. Elmstead Lane to Victoria Road (Cow Lane). Commences at Elmstead Lane, some 110 metres or so SW junction St Kerverne Road, leads SE past Cranmore Road, Elmstead and Oakdene Avenues, continues generally E to and terminates at Victoria Road. 860 metres.

FP 31. White Horse Hill, A208 to Green Lane B263 (Telegraph Passage). Commences at White Horse Hill junction Victoria Road, leads NE past Hill Close and Farmland Walk and terminates at Green Lane, a few metres N junction Barham Road. 340 metres.

FP 33. Imperial Way to Kemnal Road (FP35). Commences at Imperial Way, a few metres S Slades Drive, leads generally E and terminates at junction with Kemnal Road. 240 metres.

FP 34. Chislehurst West to Longlands (FP 35): Sicdup (FP42). Commences at junction of Belmont Lane and Edgebury, leads generally E along Belmont Lane to junction Kemnal Road (FP 35), continues NE at North Lodge, then generally E and terminates at junction FP 42. 900 metres

FP 35. Chislehurst West to Longlands: Sicdup (FPs 34/42) Kemnal Road. Commences at Green Lane, junction Alexandra Road, leads E to Boy Scouts Hall [no longer there], N to pond [which cannot be seen now], ENE to South Lodge, continues NNE to North Lodge (junction FP 34) then generally N to and terminates at Sidcup Road A20. 1,770 metres.

FP 38. Old Hill, Kangaroo Walk (Pussyfoot Lane). Commences at Old (Station) Hill opposite White Cottage leads generally NW along rear of Raggleswood (road) for some 552 metres, or so at which point the footpath is terminated. 552 metres.

FP 39. Chislehurst High Street, A208 to Empress Drive. Commences at High Street, between nos 87 and 89, leads to and terminates at Empress Drive. 80 metres.

FP 40. Chislehurst High Street, A208 to Green Lane, B263. Commences at High Street, flank of Queen’s Head PH, leads to and terminates at Green Lane. 110 metres.

FP 41. Camden Park Road to Willow Grove. Commences at Camden Park Road opposite “Nicobar”, leads NE along N boundary Camden Park Golf Course, terminates at Willow Grove, opposite “Coopers Cob” and ” Summerfield”. 420 metres.

FP 42. Beaverwood Road to Sidcup By-Pass, A20. Commences at N end Beaverwood Road, on W boundary of Chislehurst Cemetery, leads generally NW to junction FP 34, continues NE and E and terminates at Sidcup By-Pass A20. 750 metres.

FP 43. Beaverwood Road to Sicup By-Pass, A20. Commences at junction FP 42, at gates, leads NNE along W boundary of Chislehurst Cemetery, through Beaver’s Wood, and terminates at Sidcup By-Pass, A20. 320 meters.

FP 44. Perry Street to St Paul’s Wood Hill. Commences at junction Perry Street/Beaverwood Road. 1,200 metres.

FP 45. Leas Green to Sidcup By-Pass, A20. Commences end of Leas Green, leads E and terminates at Sidcup By-Pass. 150 metres.

FP 118. Lubbock Road to Lower Camden. Commences Lubbock Road junction Porrington Close, leads SW crossing the Kyd Brook to Lower Camden, at flank of no 26. 220 metres.

FP 119. Church Lane to Church Row. Commences at Church Lane, junction Walnut Tree Close, leads through grounds of St Nicholas Church to Church Row. 80 metres.

FP 120. Hawkwood Lane to Crest View Drive, Petts Wood. Commences at junction Hawkwood Lane/Botany Bay Lane, leads S as a byway along Botany Bay Lane to Hawkwood Farm. Continues as a footpath to N side railway, continues SE alongside railway, crosses railway by footbridges, continues S to N side Little Thrift, continues from S side Little Thrift to and crossing railway by footbridge SW then S along boundary of Jubilee Park to and terminates at Crest View Drive. 1,990 metres.

FP 120A. Hawkwood Lane to St Paul’s Cray Common. Commences in Botany Bay Lane, at S boundary to Coopers School playing field, leads ESE across Hawkwood Estate (National Trust) to and crossing a drain, continues NE along boundary of a pond, then E for some 97 metres and terminates at National Trust Notice Board. 720 metres.

FP 120B. Hawkwood Lane to Gosshill Road. Commences a few metres S of a pond situated W Botany Bay Lane, leads WSW skirting N boundary of Pond Wood, then SW to and crossing the Kyd Brook by footbridge. Continues along SE boundary of Chatham House and terminates at Goddhill Road. 660 metres.

FP 129. Hazelmere Road to St Paul’s Cray Common. Commences at Hazelmere Road, between nos 6 and 8, leads generally N through railway subway and Petts Wood too, and terminates at S boundary of St Paul’s Cray Common by a drain. 1,060 metres.

FP 150. Crofton Avenue to Tile Farm Road. Commences at Crofton/Russland Avenues junction leads SE and terminates at Newstead Wood, Darrick Common. 50 metres.

FP 151. Beddington Road to St Paul’s Cray Common. Commences at SW end Beddington Road (St Paul’s Wood School), leads NNW then WSS along school boundary to and terminates at St Paul’s Cray Common. 290 metres.

FP 152. St Paul’s Wood Hill to Leesons Way, Chipperfield Road. Commences St Paul’s Wood Hill, a few metres N of no 179, leads ESE, SE and E through Hoblingwell Wood to Leesons Way; continues from Leesons Way opposite no 55 and leads NE to footpath from Chorleywood Crescent, continues E along N boundary of Recreation Ground to Chipperfield Road opposite St Peter and Paul Church. 880 metres.

FP 295. Royal Parade, Chislehurst. Commencing at a point adjacent to the southern corner of the property known as “Abury” at the junction of Bull Lane and Royal Parade and proceeding in a NW direction for a distance of 30.5 metres along the frontage of ‘Arbury’ and ‘Milestones’ to the public highway fronting Sovereign House. 30 metres.