Bear Trail Map

Welcome to the Chislehurst Bear Trail. We hope you have lots of fun finding our bears!


You can download a PDF copy of the Chislehurst Bear Trail Map here to print at home.

The Chislehurst bear trail starts wherever you want along the trail and can be as long or as short as you have the energy for. 
The whole trail starts at Elmstead Woods station and finishes at Chislehurst station after wending its way through Walden and Chislehurst Rec, past the Library, up the high street, around Belmont Open Space and Scadbury and then either via St Paul’s Cray Common and Pond Wood in Hawkwood or via the A222 to Chislehurst Station. 
There are short circuits in Chislehurst and Walden Recs, in Belmont Open Space and in Scadbury and you can also create your own trails linking the different areas.