AGM Minutes

The Chislehurst Society CIO

Annual General Meeting July 29th 2020


  1. WELCOME. The Chairman opened the meeting, at 2.00pm, welcoming those present. The Chairman confirmed the AGM is taking place in line with the Charity Commission’s Covid-19 guidelines and replaces the previously postponed AGM from 21st April 2020 (postponed due to COVID).  All members had been informed.
  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Christine Pearson and Richard Green
  1. MINUTES OF 2019 AGM. These were approved by the meeting.
  1. ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS FOR 2019 were presented and unanimously approved by the meeting.
  1. APPOINTMENT OF INDEPENDENT EXAMINER. Derek Dobson & Co was unanimously confirmed as the Society’s independent examiner for the coming year.
  1. (a) The meeting voted unanimously to confirm that the following trustees retiring by rotation be re-elected, Peter Miller, Joanna Friel and David Ely.
  • (b) The meeting voted unanimously to confirm that Gabriella Toth should serve as a Trustee.
  • (c) The meeting voted unanimously that the following should be officers of the Society:
  1. Chairman, Joanna Friel
  2. Vice-chair, Jennifer Dearing
  3.  Secretary, David Ely
  4. Treasurer, Colin Martin
  1. OPEN DISCUSSION. One question was raised regarding litter picking and the board agreed to continue its efforts to discourage litter and encourage community litter picking under a ‘five a day’ theme. Anne Lamb is investigating the provision of more dog mess collection bins with LBB 
  1. The meeting CLOSED at 2:30 pm