AGM Minutes

The Chislehurst Society CIO 2020 Annual General Meeting held on September 21st 2021Minutes 


  1. WELCOME. The Chairman opened the meeting, at 7.30pm, welcoming all members present.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies were noted from Christine Pearson and Stephan Smith


  1. MINUTES OF 2020 AGM. These were approved by the meeting.


  1. ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS FOR 2020 were presented to members. After a brief discussion these were approved unanimously by the meeting.


  1. APPOINTMENT OF INDEPENDENT EXAMINER. Derek Dobson was unanimously confirmed as the Society’s independent examiner for the coming year.


  1. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The meeting voted unanimously that the following should be officers of the Society:
  2. Chairman, Joanna Friel
  3. Vice-chair, Jennifer Dearing
  4. Secretary, David Ely
  5. Treasurer, Colin Martin


  2. The chairman expressed thanks for the work undertaken by Alison Stammers who was retiring from the Committee. Alison will be co-opted to appropriate meetings to cover continuing work on High Street developments
  3. The meeting voted unanimously to confirm that Stephan Smith be elected to serve as a trustee.
  4. The meeting voted unanimously to re- elect those trustees retiring by rotation, Anne Lamb, Jeremy Dwight, Richard Green and Christine Pearson


  1. The Chairman reported that consideration had been given to amending our charitable objects but following consultation and feedback from members It was agreed that these should remain as they are but be kept under review.


  1. OPEN DISCUSSION. The Chairman give a presentation on the Society’s position following the pandemic, which was one of achievement against the odds. Several points and questions were raised by members.


  1. The meeting CLOSED at 8.30 pm