Bear 18: Tree Bear

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Head along the path to the paw print post. 

You may wish to leave the trail at this point as there are no bears for quite some distance until you get into Scadbury Park. If this is the case, follow the path round to the right and you will merge out onto the open space near to the large oaks.

Head to Scadbury Park on a separate day and enter either via the Old Perry Street car park entrance or via the entrance on Perry Street.

However, if continuing on the trail, take the left-hand fork at the paw print post. This will join up with the main footpath.  At the T junction, turn left. 

Warning – this path is very uneven and has barriers so is unsuitable for buggies, wheelchairs etc.

Head down the path until you get to Kemnal Road. Cross over the road and head up the public footpath opposite. Take the first turning to the right. Follow this path. There are several gates on this route.

When you get to Home Farm you can either use the footpath that skirts the field, or the path that goes through it to the opposite side. Keep to this path bearing right. 

You will pass playing fields for Beaverwood School to your right and emerge at the end of Beaverwood Road at the entrance to Chislehurst Cemetery.

Continue to the end of Beaverwood Road and cross over Perry Street (A222) at the crossing. 

Head towards the entrance to Scadbury Park, clearly signposted. Follow the road until you see a house ahead and paths to your left and right, take the right and follow until you emerge into the picnic area.

NOTE: If entering Scadbury at the Old Perry Street car park instead, take the left path at the Welcome bear towards bears 19, 20, and 21. You may wish to complete the Scadbury loop to see bear carving number 23.

Information about Scadbury Park can be found on interpretation boards throughout the park, via QR codes on posts and on the Friend’s Group website.

The nearest pub and toilet facilities is The Sydney Arms.

The Bear Necessities!

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Did you know…

You can download our Chislehurst Bear Trail Map to print at home and follow along? Download the map as a Colour PDF here.

Each bear has an individual QR code which you can scan on your mobile device to follow the Bear Trail around the village. Find out how to use these QR codes here.

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