Bear 11: Lord of the Manor Bear

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Sydney stands at the door of The Old Chapel, the community hall of The Chislehurst Society.

He’s our Lord of the Manor bear representing the Society’s freehold ownership of Chislehurst Commons which includes that ancient manorial title! You can get up close most mornings when the hall or office are in use.

Continue down Queens Passage round the side of The Old Chapel building and have a peep in the small window of the building on your right – you might spot Sydney’s little brother!

The Bear Necessities!

Find out more about our bears, how they’re funded, and important information about accessibility and dogs here.

Did you know…

You can download our Chislehurst Bear Trail Map to print at home and follow along? Download the map as a Colour PDF here.

Each bear has an individual QR code which you can scan on your mobile device to follow the Bear Trail around the village. Find out how to use these QR codes here.

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