Planning permission granted for Cray Wanderers new stadium

Barry Redding comments on the result:

In principle The Chislehurst Society would support an application seeking to restore the Flamingo Park site to an active outdoor sports ground.
On commenting on the recent planning application for Flamingo Park (17/04478), we sought the reassurance of the chief planning officer two important matters.

The first, related to the appropriate tests to be satisfied if the proposed development is to be regarded as appropriate development in the green belt.  This would include a critical appraisal of any 'Very Special Circumstances' advanced by the applicant.  The planning officers report to the LB Bromley planning committee, that met on Tuesday 13 March, provided a very detailed critique of the validity of the ‘Very Special Circumstances’ set out by the applicant. The planning officer concluded that the proposed 'Very Special Circumstances' could not be justified and therefore the proposed development would be harmful to and inappropriate in the Green Belt. 

The second matter raised by The Society related to the viability appraisal submitted by the applicant.   The planning officer’s report detailed that a rigorous scrutiny of the financial viability appraisal had been undertaken by an independent consultant.  This raised questions about the viability of the scheme.  The planning officer concluded that any benefits of the enabling residential development would not outweigh the harm that would be caused to the Green Belt, by reason of the development being inappropriate and without any justifiable ‘Very Special Circumstances’.

These two matters, on which The Society sought reassurances from the chief planner, have been examined in considerable detail in the officer’s report to Committee.  We regretfully have to acknowledge that the proposal falls short on the key planning issues referred to above.

The planning application can be viewed on the LBB planning portal, reference number 17/04478.