AGM - Tuesday, 24th April 2018

Our members are reminded of our AGM on Tuesday, 24th April 2018. 

In order to complete the incorporation of the Chislehurst Society CIO it is necessary to amend the constitution of the Society to provide that the CIO becomes the sole member and sole corporate trustee of the Society.  This will enable the Society to remain for administrative purposes as a “shell charity” so as to ensure that any future legacies or other donations that may be left to the Society (as opposed to the CIO) will not fail.  It is intended to propose the following resolution to the AGM:

“Notice having been given in accordance with clause 15 of the Society’s constitution, by a two-thirds majority of the Members present and voting, it was resolved that the Society’s constitution be amended by making the amendments shown in the attached copy of the constitution, as initialled by the Chairman of the meeting.”

A copy of the proposed amendments can be viewed here.

Full details of the AGM below:


Tuesday 24 April 2018 7.30 pm

Chislehurst Methodist Church
Prince Imperial Road, Chislehurst


1 Reception and meet the committee (from 7.00 pm)
2 Presentation and discussion on traffic and road safety in Chislehurst and Bromley by Angus Culverwell, LBB (7.30pm)
3 Annual General Meeting (8.00pm), including:
4 Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 25 April 2017
5 Presentation of Trustees Annual Report to members
6 Re-election of Independent Examiner
7 Election of officers and executive committee members
8 Members’ questions and open discussion
9 Close of meeting (9 pm)

All society members are invited to attend our AGM.