Scadbury Park

Scadbury is a very old estate, dating back as far as records begin in Chislehurst.  It was the home of the Lords of the Manor until they moved to Frognal in the 18thC, and again after the Great War, when Frognal was used as a hospital. The grounds were acquired by London Borough of Bromley in 1979, and opened formally to the public as Scadbury Park Nature Reserve in 1985. It is a valuable asset for Chislehurst, but underused and rather neglected.

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The Park consists of woodland mainly to the west and south, and open pasture in the centre and east.  There are a few ponds. A circular footpath circumnavigates the Park, with various extensions to the east side.  There is a private road through the Park, running from Perry Street, opposite Beaverwood Road, through to St Pauls Cray Road.  There are several entry points to the Park, the main one being on Old Perry Street, near the Sydney Arms, where there is car park which could take perhaps 20 cars. In the centre of the Park there are a collection of buildings including the ruins of the old moated manor, a farmyard and four residential properties.  There are four other residential properties in the Park.

There are five groups currently involved at Scadbury:

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A hidden gem in Chislehurst