Oak Cottage, Ashfield Lane

Q. We have recently moved into the above property on Ashfield Lane and have begun to try to find out what we can about its history. What we know so far is that:

We have looked through various books so we know all about Ringer and the timber yard  and the celery beds (although we don't actually think that Ringer lived in the adjoining property - which would have sat between Oak Cottage and Websters Cottages)

We have so far received help from Ron Hopper and Tony Allen - we are now desperate to try and find out anything else that we can (on the list are more census records / trips to the library etc etc). We have found a photo from 1984 in the Library but we would love to know more about the house, details, photo's , anything about the owners so we can try to piece together as much as possible. Hopefully you may be able to help - we look forward to hearing from you. James and Kim Griffiths

A. Well James and Kim have done great deal of research, and we have not been able to uncover any more information about the cottage (pictured above in the early 20thC) or its residents. We shall keep an eye out in our researches.