Joanna Friel, Heritage Rep (picture right after her talk on William Willett) offers several 40 minute informal talks on topics of local historic interest. These are all illustrated using the speakers own projection equipment.

The following subjects are currently offered:

Imperial Chislehurst
The Impact of the exile of the French Emperor Louis Napoleon III 1871 and his family – 1889.

Sir John Lubbock
Forgotten Victorian hero, the banker, archeologist and MP who introduced Bank Holidays.

William Willett
Builder and philanthropist who introduced British Summer Time.

Sir Malcolm Campbell
Speed King

The role of women during WW1
VAD nurses, Red Cross Hospitals, journalists and verbatim diary records.

Chislehurst, a town on top of a tinderbox
DVD about the role of Chislehurst Caves during WW1

Heather Firbank
The society wardrobe of an Edwardian lady and the Downton Abbey connection.

Characters on your doorstep
All the famous names of Chislehurst, from Christopher Marlowe, Richmal Crompton to Michael Jackson!

Secret Chislehurst
Some lesser known stories of the area.
A virtual pub crawl
The history of Chislehurst hostelries.

Chislehurst Chillers
Deadly and dastardly deeds from the Eighteenth century.

Other talks can be developed and guided walks can also be organised.

A suggested donation to support the work of The Chislehurst Society of £25 is welcome

Please e-mail
Or phone 07850 898535 to discuss ideas further.

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