Stop 30: Willow Grove and the Recreation Ground

Willow Grove
Looking East towards the High Street
Most of the Victorian houses have gone, but not all..

So called possibly because reputedly Emperor Napoleon III planted a cutting from a willow tree here which overhung the tomb of his uncle, Napoleon Bonaparte, on St Helena, Willow Grove has some interesting Victorian and Edwardian villas along its north side. It links Chislehurst with the important areas of Walden Road and Elmstead Lane.

Chislehurst & Walden Recreation Ground consists of 15 hectares of playing fields, open grass
areas, a children's playground and woodland that support a variety of wildlife including species that are rare in London. It is home to the Chislehurst Tennis Club and Football Club Elmstead and, in due course, to the Chislehurst Scouts. The new children's playground was jointly funded by Bromley Council and the Chislehurst Society.

The Recreation Ground is designated as Urban Open Space and is now managed by the Friends of the Rec.

Whyte's woodland, an enclosed wildlife area, was dedicated to the people of Chislehurst in 1939 by Miss Whyte of The Briars.
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