Stop 29: Red Hill

Red Hill
From Red Hill looking down to the High Street
Not quite the highest point in Chislehurst..

So called because of the red soil here, Red Hill is built on london clay which contains iron which tends to turn red when exposed to the elements. There was a farm, brickworks and a pond here, and a number of cottages on the west side where Red Hill School now stands. At the summit of the hill was the White Horse Inn, now The Lounge. The northern slope of the hill is still called White Horse Hill. Although the 'peak' of Red Hill would appear to be the highest point in Chislehurst, it is marginally lower than the area around The Tiger's Head on Watt's Lane.

Formerly a cinema, dating from 1930, St Patricks Church (right) was converted to a Roman Catholic Church in 1961. One of the last films to be shown there was 'Some Like it Hot' starring Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe.

The Church was opened and dedicated on St Patrick's Day, March 17th 1961. the projection room is now the organ loft, the ticket office is now a Holy Water stoup and where the screen was is now the altar. The floor slopes downwards and the seats are still the tip up type and can be unusually noisy during moments of prayer!

The top of Red Hill is one of the best viewing points in Chislehurst, both down into Chislehurst, but also towards London.
Return to the traffic lights on the High Street and turn right into Willow Grove. The recreation ground is off Empress Drive, some 200 yards from the junction.