Stop 22: Perry Street

The Sydney Arms in 1928
Extended by 2013

Perry Street is described by Webb in his History of Chislehurst as a hamlet. Until 1950 it was the only direct route from Chislehurst to Sidcup. It was thriving community, with a laundry, a school, shops and a public house.

Now called Old Perry Street, it meanders past Farringtons School, past the two lodges to the old estate of Homewood (whose lands have been protected from development, and are now mainly sports grounds), and two separate entrances to the Scadbury estate.

The Sydney Arms is named after Lord Sydney, one of the lords of the manor, and was formerly called The Swan. There are a variety of Victorian and some older cottages on both sides of the road. Orchard Cottages and Orchard Villas are among the newer houses built in the 19th century, while Chestnut and Waggoners cottages and Rose Cottage are from a century before.

In 1875 Lady Emily Sydney established a school opposite the Sydney Arms for local children, extending an older building for the purpose. The school buildings are well preserved, but have not been used as a school since 1900. They are now part of a timber yard.

If you are planning to walk around Scadbury Park, which could take at least 45 minutes, you should know that there are at least five different entry/exit points. Remember where you started!
There are two entrances to Scadbury Park from Old Perry Street. One almost opposite the Sydney Arms, and the other at the eastern end of Old Perry Street where is meets the main road.