Stop 14: The Manor House

Manor House
Manor house today
An old postcard image - hand coloured
The same view today

A fine looking house, with interesting outbuildings, dating originally from the 16th century, and altered in the 19th century.

Despite its name it was never Chislehurst's Manor House with any manorial rights, and the Lords of the Manor never lived here. The name was applied by George Baskcomb after he redeveloped the house in the mid 19th century. Later occupiers included the Redpath family, an account of whom can be found here...

Almost opposite the Manor House was a line of residences designed by local architect Edward May built to accomodate retired Governesses. The buildings were demolished in the 1950s and replaced by Queen Mary House.See the image below.

A new 'public-house' was proposed to be built on Manor Park Road by George Baskcomb, near the Manor House and Governesses Institution. The proposal was blocked by the courts.
Go to the end of Manor Park Road and turn right into Manor Park

Governess Institution

The Governesses Institution