Stop 9: Chislehurst Cricket Ground

Cricket Ground
From Camden Park Road
From the top of Old Hill today...

The cricket ground is part of Chislehurst Common. The Lord of the Manor granted the West Kent Cricket Club permission to use the ground in 1822 after its grounds in Bromley had been lost as a result of enclosure of Bromley Common. It has been used as a cricket ground ever since. It later merged with the Chislehurst Cricket Club. You can find more about the Cricket Club here...

The pavilion was built in 1898 and is still in regular use during the summer. The Chislehurst Society provided finance for its recent significant repair. Games are played on most weekends during the summer months.

The cricket ground was close to Chislehurst's own windmill on the Common. The windmill was built in 1796 but was demolished in 1876. It is suggested that during the residency of the exiled Emperor Napoleon III, French government spies occupied the top of the windmill to keep an eye on who was coming to visit the Emperor, so good a view did it give of the surrounding area. There is nothing to be seen of it today.

Click on the photograph right to see images of the old windmill.

WG Grace (in the middle of picture below) lived at Mottingham, and is known to have often visited the ground. He never played for West Kent.
Continue along Watts Lane with the wooded commons on your left followed by the old curved wall of Camden Close. Note the lovely view across open land , now owned by the National Trust, on your right. You will eventually arrive at open common land with St Nicholas Church opposite.

WG Grace and team