Stop 5: Old Hill

Old Hill and Imperial Arms
Imperial Arms today
Hand coloured photo from the top of Old Hill c.1900
The Imperial Arms today

Old Hill was originally the main road from Chislehurst to Bromley, hence its former name of Bromley Road.

The Imperial Arms dates back to 1787, when it was originally known as The Windmill, standing as it does in Mill Lane and with a clear view of the windwill. The current name reflects the connection with the brief residence of the French Imperial family from 1870. Note also the name of the nearby cottages, Eugenie Mews, named after Empress Eugenie, the wife of Emperor Napoleon III.

Beside the pub down the hill is the Old Court House, built around1792, where magistrates held their sittings every third Monday in the month. It was also used as a police station until the High Street Police Station was opened in 1893.

This was the main road between Chislehurst and Bromley before Summer Hill was opened to traffic, and was then known as Bromley Road.
Continue to the Cedars, the large house on the corner, and take a short diversion down Camden Park Road