Stop 4: Mill Place

Formerly The Millers Arms
Ramblers Rest Today
Formerly The Millers Arms
Now The Ramblers Rest

Mill Place is a small community of its own. It developed in the late 19th century with a police station (until the High Street Police Station was built), pubs and a church. It is built on a steep hillside, on what was originally a wood, Denbridge Wood, and the lanes twist and turn round the hillside.

After the area was developed by George Baskcomb and Denbridge Wood was largely felled, the lane that runs through the development was called Susan Wood, and it is suggested that this was in memory of Baskcomb's mistress. Chislehurst Caves (see here..) extend underneath Mill Place, and some houses here are rumoured to have direct access to the caves.

The Rambler's Rest, originally called The Miller's Arms, has been here since the late 17th century. The current building dates from a century later, though there have been more recent additions.

St John's Mission Church was built in 1886 just below the Ramblers Rest, it was closed in 1933, and demolished in 1998.
Continue towards the crossroads at the top of Old Hill