Stop 2: Summer Hill

Bus on Summer Hill
Today on Summer Hill
Summer Hill in 1949
...and today

Originally a private road, and called Station Hill, Summer Hill was developed by George Wythes in the 1860s. It is a very steep hill. A number of Victorian mansions were built on both sides of the newly developed road, including the large houses Cromlix, Heatherbank and Avalon. Only Avalon survives, still being used by the Salvation Army (in 2012), although Cromlix Lodge remains and the name of Heatherbank is retained in a road of modern houses. Click on the 1949 picture to see more old photographs of the hill and of Avalon.

The road bends alarmingly at its steepest point, near where the single decker bus is on this photograph of 1949. Summer Hill is now the main road between Chislehurst (and beyond) and Bromley, and can get very busy during the morning and evening rush hours.

The gates of Cromlix can still be seen on the right hand side of Summer Hill near the brow of the hill
Carry on to the top of the hill just by the bus stop


An early drawing of Summer Hill, from the west with the old windmill atop