Detour: Elmstead Grange, now Babington House School

Elmstead Grange
Elmstead Grange in the early 1900s
Now a school

A Jacobean style house built in 1879 for a 'dry goods merchant ', John Comer Scott, on a 22 acre site. The house was originally approached along a drive, where the lodge with its distinctive ball finials can still be seen. The house has long been associated with Kenneth and Ethel Bilborough who came to Elmstead Grange in 1904, departing in 1940. Kenneth was the third son of Arthur Bilborough, founder of the shipping company that still bears his name.

The Grange became Babington House School in 1959 (the school was originally founded in Eltham in 1887). The school takes its name from Thomas Babington Macauley, a great Victorian writer and politician, who was a friend of the school's founder, Madame Roussell, a distinguished Belgian lady interested in fostering the arts for 'young ladies and small boys'.

The original lodge to Elmstead Grange is on the corner of Walden Road and Elmstead Lane
Return to Elmstead Lane, and retrace your steps to the mini-roundabout. Cross over into Logs Hill, and continue (this can be a steep climb) to the top of the hill. St Nicholas Lane is on your left.